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Reflections about the 'Art of living', Self realization & Enlightenment

The 'art of living' & so called 'self realization' can not be seen as a static quality which one could achieve and maintain throughout the whole existence.
I perceive it as an ever flowing dynamic quest to understand, grow, improve... - and Enlightenment in this ongoing process is but one tiny step on the long road! Just think on what you and me would miss out, if we stopped right there! Illumination can perhaps be compared to some delicious chocolate shoveled over from life herself in order to make you go on, when life realizes that you are about to give up in what you consider as fruitless strivings. Thus said: ..."can I ever be sure that I have been enlighted at all?!" and:...."does my being illuminated for a fraction of a second make me any happier, or does it rather isolate me from other beings and therefore make me sad and lonesome, for I would perhaps come to realize that 'illumination' is not the same piece of cake for everybody!? Now this realization would throw me even deeper into a state of hopeless desolation and most probably it would set on fire a burning desire within me, that all beings may get to be truly illuminated simultaneously for ever right now & then!

Reflections about Dead

Imagine someone cutting a tree down, then draining the wood and setting fire on it: The dead, burning tree is now undergoing a transformation, turning to heat, light and ashes. Heat and light being living energies; manifesting themselves through 'form-contained- beings' such as the tree. The flames providing heat and light to the atmosphere and as such being conditional for all evolving and growing processes of life, but when confronted directly, fire turns to be deadly destructive.


We can see now that the qualities of fire are dual: providing living energy and acting as transformers from one life-form to another. A burning tree will have lost it's original form by completion of the burning process, but at the same time it will have contributed to life's ongoing's and I believe that it's energetic essence will live on in different shapes or forms and different conditions. The tree of my example is a relatively statical and form-contained being, transformed by a dynamic and shapeless energy like the fire. Both are interfering, transcending and conditioning each other in an universal, infinite and eternal order. The relatively statical forms being bundled concentrations of energy, organized into their specific form and function by a superior and universal order of life which is immanent to everything. Their being statical is relative to the time span which is given or necessary to fulfill the necessary development of their actual state of being. Therefore the seemingly static form is related to our limited perception of time, in that we can only perceive the 'here and now' restricted parts of reality which are directly related to our own individual existences. So dead can perhaps be described as precisely the moment when a being leaves its shape and starts to undergo a metamorphose: 'It is the state in between and the passage from the end to the beginning!' Why then, and in spite of this knowledge, is the mortality of all appearances of life, or their apparent dead - such a sad experience? Is it not because each and everything is absolutely unique, beautiful and precious in itself and as part of the whole ?! There will never be a second identical being and moment throughout the whole existence! No being could ever be replaced, nor could a moment 'which is performed by 'being' ever be brought back in it's totality and absoluteness!

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