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Money does not only serve to buy things and peoples opinions, it is also perceived as an indicator of truth and value: a poor man is less likely to be heard and to be taken serious by his fellows, compared to a wealthy one... Because it appears to be naturally more favorable and desirable to have much money, the human mind translates this into: Much Money = GOOD & therefore = TRUE. Little Money = BAD, valueless, filthy, rotten & inapt. The weird thing about this is, that the poor man is possibly sticking to the TRUTH in his talks & actions.. whereas the rich man has most probably cultivated the distortion of truth to an art - with success!

Reflections about so called "Chance"

In reflecting about the word 'chance' and it's meaning, it seems that by definition chance is an occurrence - favorable settings lead to chance. Favorable settings have a cause like everything else, or a certain number of given causes lead logically to a certain condition, which again provokes further causes and giving's.
Chance is relative; one man's chance is another man's misfortune and if we could clearly oversee and understand all actions and incidents of the past, present and the future simultaneously in one clear vision, we would then perhaps be able to predict logically the next conditions and occurrence of a 'chance - happening'. So we see that chance does not exist in itself and by itself - what we call chance, is really a fraction of an endless number of results caused by an infinite number of actions.


So is there a way to stay outside- or exit this eternal chain of action and reaction, thus preventing to add to this chain and breaking the universal rule, that one man's chance is the misfortune of another? Some fellows who have not yet systematically thought through this problem, might suggest that the way to exit this eternal rule, is to exit life - the fact however is, that this would again cause a whole lot of reactions and actions and so we are by consequence forced to go on in our researches of how to improve life universally; perhaps striving towards adding only the strict minimum of reactions and actions!


Reflections about personal Freedom

The *belt (*metaphor) of my personal freedom fastens simultaneously and according to the growth and expansion of my level of consciousness! Needless to mention that this is only so, if I choose to live literally for the sake of life and not against it! My choice will necessarily be a decision which considers all other beings with an equal right to live, -respected by others, and in peace and happiness! How could I dare doing things to other living beings, which I would not have them do to myself ?

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